From quaint fishing villages to glamorous cities, Croatia's diverse coastline is a joy to explore. Discover this eclectic Adriatic gem on a Celebrity Cruise.


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Croatia highlights: the perfect blend of old and new

It’s no surprise that Croatia is so popular when it comes to our European cruises; it’s one of the most exciting and diverse countries on the entire continent. Brimming with the glitz and glamour of the 21st century, its quaint fishing villages also root the country in a rustic charm. And best of all is the incredible weather; Croatia boasts balmy, sun-kissed summers and warm, colourful autumns, making it a fantastic choice for most of the year.

A Croatia cruise is the ideal way to truly get under the skin of this vibrant country, from the spectacular walls of Dubrovnik to the scenic coastline of Split.

With our Mediterranean cruise deals you can unleash your adventurous spirit in Dubrovnik - the city’s Baroque churches, gothic architecture and pedestrian-only old town are an explorers dream. Get lost in the weaving inner-city streets, opt for one of our excursions such as kayaking below the city walls, or simply soak up the sun high on the coast.

Speaking of soaking up the sun, the city of Split, around 225km north of Dubrovnik, is second to none when it comes to enjoying a spot of sunbathing on an Adriatic cruise. Its beautiful beaches are sandwiched between bright blue seas and the white stone walls of the town. Dotted with shops, bars and restaurants, these are well worth a visit for some laid-back relaxation.

With Dubrovnik and Split in mind, it already goes without saying that a cruise to Croatia should be high on the ‘to-do’ list. However, if you’re after an even more memorable journey, you’ll find that Zadar, the oldest inhabited city in Croatia, brings it in troves.  Here you’ll find Venetian and Roman ruins that date back centuries, adding a completely unique feel to this section of the Dalmatian coast. Seek out St. Mary’s Convent, a Benedictine monastery featuring religious art dating all the way back to the 8th century.

Whether you’re new to cruising or are in search of your next voyage, Croatia really does have something for everyone, offering breath-taking landscapes, relaxing coastlines and a buzzing atmosphere in some of Europe’s most historical cities. You’ll find the breadth of choice offered by this incredible country reflected in our excursions here, helping you to discover Croatia at your own pace and to your own taste.

Discover the hidden beach cave of Betina where you can snorkel in the crystal-clear waters. Or take our Dalmatian Coast and Wine Tasting tour through charming Dalmatian villages and vineyards and sample the world-famous seafood in the town of Mali Ston, while sipping some of the region’s finest vintages. After all of that, you’ll no doubt be left wondering when you can next return!

Weather & what to pack

Croatia is pleasantly warm and sunny in the summer and Dubrovnik has a typically Mediterranean climate. Temperatures reach an average 25 degrees Celsius and rain is unlikely. Pack light clothes with a jacket or cardigan in case there is a breeze. 


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