From quaint fishing villages to glamorous cities, Croatia's diverse coastline is a joy to explore. Discover this eclectic Adriatic gem on a Celebrity Cruise.


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Croatia highlights: the perfect blend of old and new

Croatia is one of the most exciting and diverse countries in Europe. Its cities brim with the glitz and glamour of the 21st century, while a plethora of charming fishing villages root the country in a rustic charm.

On your cruise to Croatia, you have the opportunity to get under the skin of this intriguing country, from the spectacular walls of Dubrovnik to the scenic coastline of Split.

Such is the beauty of the coastline that you can enjoy a visual feast without leaving your Celebrity cruise ship. But to truly experience this beautiful country and its culture, history and cuisine, step ashore.

Our excursions include Sea Kayaking in Dubrovnik, a once in a lifetime experience to kayak below Dubrovnik’s city walls. Discover the hidden beach cave of Betina where you can snorkel in the crystal clear waters. Or take our Dalmatian Coast and Wine Tasting tour through charming Dalmatian villages and vineyards and sample the world famous seafood in the town of Mali Ston, while sipping some of the region’s finest wines.

Weather & what to pack

Croatia is pleasantly warm and sunny in the summer and Dubrovnik has a typically Mediterranean climate. Temperatures reach an average 25 degrees Celsius and rain is unlikely. Pack light clothes with a jacket or cardigan in case there is a breeze. 


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