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Elegant, stately and picturesque, the Corsican capital of Ajaccio is a highlight of our Mediterranean cruises. It has the energy unique to coastal cities, with its lively waterfront and café-lined streets. Once you’ve discovered the warm beaches, sparkling waters and sophisticated bars on one of our Ajaccio cruises, take to the historic back streets. You can walk past the house where Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1779, Maison Bonaparte, or talk a cool, quiet hour to enjoy the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which dates back to the 16-century. One of Ajaccio’s distinguishing features is the Calanques de Piana – a series of striking red rocks along the cliffs between Ajaccio and Calvi. Their significance has seen them become part of the Gulf of Porto UNESCO World Heritage Site. On a sunny afternoon, take a boat trip to one of the small islands – Iles Sanguinaires may translate literally to “Blood Islands”, but they’re peaceful and quiet. They get their name from the porphyry rock common on the islands, which is a bold dark red. The first thing you’ll notice is the lighthouse, dating back to 1870, which has been built on the highest point of the largest island. Take a hike to the top to enjoy panoramic views and breathe in the fresh, sea air.