Vibrant, cultural, modern.

Hong Kong is known for being densely populated, as well as for its skyscrapers, fast pace and ever-changing skyline. All these factors lend it an excitingly chaotic and bustling feel – the constant buzz reminds you that there’s always something going on here. The vast Temple Street night market is just one great way to soak up the energy and vibrancy of this amazing place.

Despite its great urban progress and modern architecture, there is plenty about Hong Kong that harks back to an earlier time. The Tian Tan Buddha, for example, is one of the iconic monuments of the world and it is well worth the 260 steps it takes to reach it.

Another must-see on your Hong Kong cruise is Victoria Peak – a mountain standing at 552m high. It offers incredible views out over the skyline of metropolitan Hong Kong, set against the distant background of China’s mountainous landscape.

weather & what to pack

Hong Kong has a subtropical climate. November and December are the best times to visit as these months are cooler and less humid. In the summer (May to August) temperatures soar to over 30 degrees Celsius, with not much of a dip overnight.

Depending on the date of your Hong Kong cruise, take light cotton layers, as well as a few warmer items. It’s also a good idea to take a waterproof jacket to protect yourself from any sudden downpours.


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