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We’ll take you sailing to the port of King’s Wharf, your gateway to idyllic Bermuda. This little collection of islands is perhaps most famous for its diving credentials: as they’re completely surrounded by reefs, you could spend days underwater discovering rare marine life and colourful coral. On land, you’ll find an impressive selection of museums and galleries in which to lose yourself on King’s Wharf cruises. The National Museum of Bermuda sits within the dockyard’s original fortifications, which were built in the 19th century. Don’t miss the Queen’s Exhibition Hall, which contains artefacts found on 18 different shipwrecks. With its perpetually sunny climate and glut of beaches, Bermuda also offers plenty of opportunities to get outside and stay active. The 77-acre Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve contains salt marshes, craggy coastline and seven secluded beaches straight off the front of a postcard. Grab your snorkel mask and a beach towel to spend a relaxing afternoon away from it all. Other unmissable spots include Elbow Beach, which is what beach daydreams are made of with its translucent water and fine white sand. Before leaving Bermuda, go exploring in Jobson’s Cove – there’s a little hole for swimming in and dramatic cliffs to walk along.