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Cities don’t get much prettier than Bruges. Picture quaint cobbled lanes, fairy tale spires and mirror-like canals; a place where photogenic market squares give way to networks of secretive streets. Bruges is the capital of West Flanders, and you’ll find it in the northwest of Belgium. It’s hard to know where to start on Bruges cruises, but we reckon the impressive Belfry is as good a place as any. This medieval landmark is perhaps one of the city’s most iconic sites, which used to the home of both a treasury and municipal archives. Make your way to the top to enjoy views over the city’s spires and towers. The Bruges Belfry stands tall and proud in the old town of Markt, which also features a central square where markets have been held since 958. Other historical highlights around this area include the gothic Church of Our Lady of Bruges, the tallest structure in the city. The catholic Basilica of the Holy Blood is reportedly named after a vial brought here in the 12th century crusades, containing a few drops of Christ’s blood. Head downstairs to explore the quiet and serene Romanesque chapel. Before you leave Bruges, make sure to head to the Groeningemuseum, where you’ll find plenty of Renaissance works.