Barbados may be known for its perpetually sunny climate and beaches, but it’s also home to a budding health and wellness scene. Yoga studios, Pilates workshops and more allow you to keep up with your exercise routine while away from home (and also discover some of the most unforgettable workout settings you’ll likely ever experience). Here are just some of our favourites in Barbados. 

1. Santosha Yoga

You’ll find yoga for all levels at this Carlisle Bay studio. Classes are taught at Sweetfield Manor, a boutique hotel housed in a distinctive colonial building. Tucked away in the UNESCO-listed Garrison Historic Site, it also offers sweeping views over the coast and Carlisle Bay. After your class, treat yourself to some traditional Caribbean fare such as jerk chicken or plantain at the hotel restaurant.

If you’re feeling ambitious, try your hand (and feet) at SUP yoga at Pebbles Beach. Doing your usual yoga poses with the added challenge of not falling off your board will help you to hone your balance and take your practice to the next level.

2. Sunshine Kula

On the west coast of Barbados, close to Hole Town, you’ll find the idyllic Sunshine Kula yoga studio. It’s been offering yoga of all kinds since 2012, and enjoys a tranquil setting amongst the trees, meaning you’ll feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The name of the studio reflects not only the sun-soaked climate of Barbados, but the inner light that’s said to exist within us all.

If you’re feeling energetic, start your day with vinyasa yoga – a, fast-paced flowing form of practice which marries movement with the breath. Make the most of your natural surroundings by opting for Beach Rise and Shine yoga, during which you’ll practice as the sun rises over the sand. The practice will end with a relaxing savasana to set you up for a calm and centred day.

3. Bawa Yoga

In Arawak, the word “bawa” translates as “sea” – and much in the same way, this yoga studio on the south coast of the island, near Hastings, celebrates a connection to nature. Here, you’ll learn moving meditation in the form of Vinyasa, Yin and Ashtanga yoga. There are also regular workshops to try out here, including a surf and yoga series. Start the day with a dynamic class before heading out onto the waves.

If one class simply isn’t enough, why not check out one of the studio’s meditation and wellness retreats? They aim to nurture mind, body and spirit: expect serene classes beneath a canopy of almond trees, moonlit meditations and the crashing waves as your only soundtrack. By the time you leave, you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

4. Mindful Movement 

Mindful Movement offers private and group yoga classes, as well as barre fitness – in which the balancing and strengthening qualities of yoga meet the grace and precision of ballet. The studio also focuses on pelvic health physiotherapy to raise awareness of this often-ignored area.

Specific yoga classes on offer at Mindful Movement include Mindful Play – in which you’re encouraged to embrace your inner child and have fun – as well as Flow and Restore, which takes place at the photogenic Miami Beach Cliffs at sunset. We can’t think of a better setting for a yoga practice.

5. Nordic Wellness

Nordic Wellness is a studio in Holetown, offering cardio classes like CrossFit, Zumba and boxing as well as yoga, so you can get your sweat on before cooling down with a calming class. HIIT and bootcamp will both get your heartbeat racing, while Pilates helps you to tone and sculpt. The studio takes its inspiration from the principles of Nordic living, just with some added Caribbean flair.

There’s also a health café on site, where you can pick up healthy breakfasts and juices to refresh yourself after working out. You can also opt for sessions with a personal trainer, who will help you to achieve your own unique fitness goals even while you’re away from home.

Perfect your downward facing dog or try something new by checking out these yoga and Pilates studios in Barbados. Browse our Caribbean cruises to start planning your getaway.