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The laidback and low-key vibe of Oranjestad is simply irresistible. It’s the capital of the Caribbean island of Aruba, sitting pretty on its south coast. In the town, you’ll find a charming mix of local businesses and international chains, as well as delicious eateries and cafes. If it’s culture you’re after on one of our Oranjestad cruises, head straight for the Aruba Archaeological Museum. The building itself – a restored colonial home – is impressive enough before you even head inside. When you do, you’ll find representations of life in precolonial times, as well as artefacts dating back to 4000 BC. Take the pace down a peg or two with a visit to Surfside Beach, which is easy to reach from the centre of town. There’s shallow water and plenty of shade for keeping cool, as well as a clutch of beach bars in which to grab a sundowner. Other beaches in the area include Eagle Beach, which is regularly voted as one of the best in the world with its white sand and turquoise waters. Before leaving Oranjestad, check out Fort Zoutman, a fort built in the 18th century to protect the island from pirates. You’ll also find the compact Aruba History Museum inside.