On an Antarctica cruise get closer than ever to snow-draped islands, giant icebergs, peaks, glaciers and wildlife, where still waters reflect with mirror-like capabilities.


Discover our Antarctic Peninsula ports of call.

  • antarctica-elephant-island-1-aph

    Elephant Island

    Step back in time and discover the tiny island where Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew found themselves after losing their ship, the Endurance, in the Weddell Sea in 1914.

  • antarctica-gerlache-strait-1-ges

    Gerlache Strait

    A cluster of geographical anomalies around this channel make these waters among the most plankton-rich in the world. You’re likely to see a number of whales feeding in the ecosystem.

  • antarctica-paradise-bay-1-pdb

    Paradise Bay

    Home to spectacular mountains such as Rojas Bryde Peak and the Petzvol Glacier, within these waters you may also see Minke whales feeding while Gentoo penguins look on.

  • antarctica-schollart-channel-1-scd

    Schollart Channel & Dalhan Bay

    Cruise through Schollart Channel and take in massive ice flows, humpback whales and waddling penguins, as well as leopard seals in their natural element. It’s a paradise for nature lovers.


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