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While cruising through the rugged, icy landscape of Alaska, you’ll discover Hubbard Glacier – a giant tidewater glacier (North America’s biggest), situated 200 miles to the north-west of the capital city of Juneau. For the most part, the glacier is peaceful – but it does calve often, meaning that large chunks of ice detach themselves from the glacier and fall into the water. It often makes for a dramatic sight, which you might be lucky enough to spot during your Hubbard Glacier cruise. It’s also surged twice in the last thirty years, meaning that it has moved substantially up to 100 times its normal speed. Hubbard Glacier belongs to the Canadian Yukon, and is named after Gardiner Hubbard, who also co-founded the National Geographic Society. From your Celebrity Cruises ship, you’ll be treated to awe-inspiring views of Hubbard Glacier’s 400-ft high face – Hubbard Glacier also measures approximately 76 miles long and is 1,200 feet deep. It’s said to be advancing toward the Gulf of Alaska from its position near Disenchantment Bay. Key highlights to look out for close to Hubbard Glacier include miles of sandy beach, as well as wildlife like whales and sealions ducking in and out of the water, or seals swimming by alongside the ship. The closest city to Hubbard Glacier is Yakutat, which is surrounded by the highest coastal mountains in the world and is also home to a notable rare bird area, home to over 200 species of rare bird. The area is most well-known as being a habitat for breeding kittlitz’s murrelet, as well as housing breeding colonies of terns. Keep your eyes peeled and your binoculars in hand as we pass. A Hubbard Glacier cruise is a peaceful and scenic way to take in Alaska’s unique landscape. If you want to know more about Hubbard Glacier or Alaskan wildlife, don’t hesitate to ask our onboard experts.