Our global destination Ambassador and renowned explorer, Ben Fogle, has been hard at work crafting four one-of-a-kind excursions for our Alaska itineraries, all exclusive to Celebrity Cruises. Whether it’s skimming across the water in a kayak or following a knowledgeable guide through the wilds and over glaciers to the best viewing spots, they’re just the thing to regain that sense of childlike wonder at nature’s beauty. All these adventures benefit from Ben’s hallmark approach to getting out of your comfort zone and far away from the crowds – you’ll really get to see Alaska through the eyes of a local. 

Tongass Rainforest, Alaska

Tongass Rainforest Hiking Expedition – Ketchikan

Take a walk on the wild side - literally - in Tongass National Forest. At 500 square miles (the size of West Virginia), ‘the Tongass’ is the world’s largest temperate rainforest. Unspoiled natural surroundings are center stage in this tour. Home to majestic mountains, verdant old-growth forest, fjords, bays, islands and streams, listen as your experienced guide shares secrets of the ancient forest and leads you to the best viewing spots. Watch out for brown bears, wolves, deer, mountain goats and moose, whilst bald eagles wheel in the sky overhead and the waters teem with marine life, including all five species of Pacific salmon. From May to October enormous bears scoop fish from the rushing streams – a must see! 

The very essence of the Tongass is its towering tree canopy, dominated by evergreens, red and yellow cedar, hemlock, and spruce. Here, nearly every intersection is an animal crossing. Birdsong is the lingua franca. Come to this primal place to regain your sense of awe and wonder. 

Juneau, Alaska

Alaska’s Whales, Glaciers and Rainforests – Juneau

Delve into the wonders of Juneau’s wilderness through the rainforest surrounding the Mendenhall Glacier, one of the most spectacular in North America. A half-mile wide, it’s also part of a 13-mile Juneau Ice Field which terminates in Mendenhall Lake, where blue icebergs bob in the shadow of the stately Coast Mountains.

Learn about the local wildlife on a gentle hike around the glacier from where you can gaze at salmon streams, marvel at tumbling waterfalls and spot black bears, porcupines, beavers, and bald eagles. Then, with the local captain and naturlist who know these waters intimately, take to the water on a boat designed specifically for marine viewing to watch the humpback whales, orcas and other sea creatures in their natural habitat.

Icy Straight Point, Alaska

Icy Straight Point Kayak Adventure - Icy Straight Point

Slice through the calm waters that surround Port Frederick in your nimble one-person kayak; it’s one of the most enjoyable ways to experience the raw beauty of the Alaskan wilderness and its marine life. Listen out for the song of the humpback whale as it searches for food during its Alaskan migration (May – September) before venturing closer to the shore to spot sea lions, deer, brown bears plus the eagles soaring overhead. 

These three hours on the water fuel your spirit of adventure, expand your kayaking horizons and deepen your appreciation for one of the world’s most unspoiled wonders: Alaska and its waterways. 

Skagway, Alaska

Chilkoot Trail Hiking and Rafting - Skagway

The Canadian Gold Rush Trail, also known as the Chilkoot Trail, was the most direct route prospectors could take to reach the Yukon River during the Klondike Gold Rush. Depart Skagway, once a busy tent city filled with fortune hunters dreaming of untold wealth, and follow in the prospectors’ footsteps as you hike the first two gentle miles of their journey. Drink in the beauty and tranquility of the lush rainforest, listen to birdsong and marvel at colorful wildflowers as the trail ascends to Saintly Hill, where gorgeous views await. 
At the scenic Taiya River, board an 18-foot craft for the peaceful float to the tidal estuary that offers spectacular views of fjords, snow-capped peaks, hanging glaciers, and fields of flowers.

This tour, will expand your understanding of this region’s dramatic history, even as you marvel at its peaceful stillness today. 

With three incredible ships including the newly revolutionised Celebrity Millennium® offering a range of exciting Alaska Cruises, there’s never been a better time to tick off this breathtaking wilderness from your holiday bucket list.