Years of travel industry experience

I have 5 years of experience within the travel industry.

Top destinations to pick your brains on
  • Amsterdam: This city is great for its calm, colourful and scenic character. Plenty of attractions like the Anne Frank house, or the Van Gough museum if you like exploring art and culture. Vondelpark is also a great visit if you are looking to connect with local people from Amsterdam!

  • Singapore: This is without a doubt, one of the cleanest cities in the world! With various parks mixed in between the city and financial districts, it's necessary to have a camera in hand when roaming around Singapore. Orchard road is full of designer shops and hotels - Raffles hotel is a must for everyone to visit. While you are there be sure to order a Singapore Sling! My tip for anyone visiting Singapore is: do not be alarmed by the nut shells all over the floor in the bars. In fact, add to the mess - it's tradition to do so!

  • Barcelona: I love this city! It has everything you need to enjoy a short break. From sandy beach to the cruise port, as well as the main city all within reach. To me, the most amazing part of this city has to be the architecture. Antoni Gaudi designed many of the old buildings, from the churches to the uniquely shaped pavements. 

  • Bangkok: This city is filled with culture. It is a favourite for an action packed holiday; in fact I am sure there is a place for every type of destination seeker in this city. The port area is quite a distance from the main city but is well worth the travel. A great place to visit is The Golden Buddha Temple. This temple is still in use so you may find Monks and other Buddhists praying around you. You must take a boat ride if you wish to see the most of this city as it is a very big place.

Best port you’ve sailed to, and why?

The port of Singapore has to be the best port I have visited so far. The skyline can be seen from the ship terminal and looks amazing! The port is easy to get to with good transport links and is a beautiful looking area. Marina Bay Sands is the place to be with its 3 towers and infinity pool as well as a bar on the top floor. For amazing views and some fun, check it out.

Top Cruise Tip

My personal cruise tips would be to read the daily planner, Celebrity Today, in full! There is so much to do onboard and so many different areas to explore, reading the planner the night before is a good idea for a fun filled day. Also, if you forget to change your money before you travel, currency exchange is available at many of the ports.

What couldn’t you travel without in your suitcase?

I could not travel and leave behind my camera. It is essential that I take loads of photos to remind me of those special moments when I am back to reality after my holiday and suffering from the holiday blues!