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Designed with you in mind

All our accessible stateroom doors are wider than standard, with ramped thresholds, lowered sinks, roll-in showers and bathroom grab bars. Showers include a fold-down stool and hand-held showerhead, and we can add a raised toilet seat if required. If your stateroom includes a balcony, you’ll find that’s fully accessible too.

Your personal space to relax

Our spacious accessible staterooms range from 272 sq ft to 381 sq ft (83 sq m to 116 sq m). With a generous five ft (1.5m) turning radius in bedrooms, bathrooms and sitting areas, you’ll have plenty of room to manoeuvre.

Ships with room to explore

On board our ships you’ll find wide, spacious corridors that are designed to allow 180° turns for wheelchairs. Most decks are accessible through automatic doors, and all public rooms have entrances with gradual inclines.

Just ask - we are here to help

Accessible staterooms are designed for guests with disabilities who require the special facilities mentioned above. When reserving an accessible stateroom, you’ll need to complete our Guest Special Services Form.