Savour menus pairing classic and contemporary selections from casual al fresco dining to the stunning main dining room and appetising range of specialty restaurants. From indulgent crepes to tempting gelato, we offer an unparalleled range of choices in a stylish and modern setting.


Our chefs work around the clock to supply you with the most incredible tastes and textures. Each dish is a masterpiece in its own right – with every dish meticulously crafted from the sauce to the garnish. From the rustic flavours of Tuscan Grill to the Asian delights at Silk Harvest, there’s something to tantalise every taste-bud.

Main Dining

Experience glamour, impeccable service and a menu that changes every night in our flexible main dining room.


Murano is where world class cooking and sophisticated design come together. Specialising in modern French cuisine expertly crafted tableside, Murano is an intimate and timeless way to experience the best our chefs have to offer.

Tuscan Grille

Take the passion and flavour of traditional Italian food, throw in a contemporary twist and you have Tuscan Grille, our specialty restaurant that reinvents the familiar Italian steakhouse.


Qsine is unlike anything else on land or sea; where else can you order your food using an iPad and dig into dishes like Disco Shrimp and sushi lollipops?

Silk Harvest

Experience the flavours of China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam at the authentic and friendly Silk Harvest.

The Alcoves

Find your own private sanctuary in one of our cabana-style enclaves just a few steps from the lively lawn club grill, and enjoy fresh fruit and an exclusive picnic basket from one of our specialty cruise restaurants.

Lawn Club Grill

The fresh and fiery atmosphere of the Lawn Club Grill offers mouth-watering meat and seafood toasted on a barbeque. Sit back and allow our expert staff to serve up rustic treats or step up to the place and have a go yourself.

Ss Normandie Restaurant

The SS Normandie restaurant indulges memories of fine maritime pedigree to provide an unforgettable experience. Marvel at relics of old ocean liners as you dig into world-class dishes and absorb the Art-decoinspired atmosphere.

Ss Olympic Restaurant

World-class cuisine and sumptuous sophistication are renowned at the Olympic restaurant. Fitted with genuine parts of antique oceanliners, find out how the Olympic’s ambience and menu are the last word in internationally-inspired specialty cruise dining.

Ss United States Restaurant

Inspired by the innovation of the SS United States, learn more about our restaurant that takes both its name and theme from this iconic ship. Each SS United States dish is composed of the highest quality ingredients and accompanied by friendly, attentive service.

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Dining Attire

From smart casual lunches to formal nights, make your packing a little easier by taking a look at the various dress codes onboard below.

Our Wine Collection

With the largest wine collection at sea to choose from, you’ll find the perfect bottle for every meal and occasion. From our talented sommeliers to unique wine tower on our Solstice Class ships, our passion for wine speaks for itself.

Bars & Lounges

The perfect place for a pre-dinner tipple or late night wind-down, our range of bars and lounges provide the perfect places to relax and enjoy a lively ambience.

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